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Similac Mehadrin Step 2 900 g
In the fancy kashrut of Badatz the ultra-Orthodox community. Milk of Israel. Kosher for Passover (legumes) special for babies and all year round. With the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Contains a complete nutritional composition that has been developed and scientifically proven to satisfy the nutritional needs of the baby from the age of six months onwards.
Mehadrin formula is advanced in Israel with a composition scientifically developed to support all four areas of development: immunity, intellectual development, growth and easy digestion.
Similac is No. 1 in digestion and leads in 7 developmental indicators.

Weight 5 lbs

3 pack (900g) can

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Similac Similac Lemehadrin Badatz Baby Food Compound Stage 2 (3pack 900g)
  • 3 pack (900g) can
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