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Similac Advance Lamehadrin is the first and only BADATZ-CERTIFIED infant formula available in the US. It has the nutrition you want for you baby: DHA/ARA for brain and eye development, vitamin E to support developing cells, and Calcium and vitamin D for strong bones. It also has nucleotides to support baby’s immune system. It’s complete nutrition for baby’s first year and BADATZ CERTIFIED for your peace of mind.

Weight 2 lbs

2 pack (8fl oz) bottle

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Similac Advance Kosher Infant Formula with Iron, 2 Fl OZ – 4 Bottles (2 Pack 8 Bottles) Milk Based, Ready To Feed, Resealable Bottle, Cholov Yisroel, (0-12 Months)
  • 2 pack (8fl oz) bottle
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