PurAmino Junior Toddler Drink Powder is designed for children with severe cow’s milk allergy, multiple food allergies, or other gastrointestinal conditions. The only amino acid based junior product that has omega 3 DHA to provide brain support beyond 1 year. Hypoallergenic – PurAmino Junior has free amino acids. Nutritionally complete for toddlers and children ages 1 and up*, PurAmino Junior is also suitable for other conditions that may require an elemental diet. Dietary reference intakes include a recommendation for fiber for > 12 months of age.

  • SUITABLE FOR TUBE FEEDING: Puramino Junior is appropriate for both oral and tube feeding.
  • FOR SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES: PurAmino Junior is a hypoallergenic, iron-fortified, and amino acid-based formula for the dietary management of toddlers with severe cow’s milk protein & multiple food allergies.
  • NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE FORMULA: For toddlers and children ages 1 and up with DHA and ARA, nutrients also found in breast milk that promotes brain and eye development.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: 100% Amino-Acid based, iron-fortified formula, suitable for toddlers and children with lactose intolerance
  • EXPERT RECOMMENDED DHA: PurAmino has expert recommended DHA which provides brain-building nutrition.
  • #1 TRUSTED BRAND: Enfamil is the #1 Trusted Brand for Brain-building & Immune Support
  • PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED: Enfamil is the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians.

One (14.1OZ) Can

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