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Materna Mehadrin Stage 3 Materna’s series of Mehadrin breast-milk substitutes, the only one certified by Badatz with the unique M-Compound: Contains probiotics (in stages 2-3) to enhance natural protection. Omega 3 and 6 (in stage 1) for cognitive development and vision quality at the highest and most effective content. Beta-Palmitate oil (in stage 1) for optimal absorption and easy digestion. Materna’s Stage 3 Mehadrin breast-milk substitute is adapted to the developmental stage of the infant from age one onwards.

Weight 2 lbs





One (700g) Can, 2Pack (700g) cans

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Materna Mehadrin Stage 3 – 700 grams
  • One (700g) Can
  • 2Pack (700g) cans
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